The EcoReef Project
How to build EcoReefs Come with us as we learn how to build our own EcoReefs mostly out of waste material that would normally end up in landfill. Even more important is that together we can use this saved material to save more baby fish, improve our waterways, help stop erosion, reduce plastics wastage and have fun while we’re doing it. This is a work in progress so bear with us as we roll out the instructions one at a time. THIS IS THE FIRST OF MANY _ Please stay tuned
Logo What an ecoreef look like with plants What an ecoreef look like
EcoReef ‘All Natural’ Land and Water Reefs are constructed using only natural bio-degradable items EcoReef All Naturals are intended to assist nature by providing safe havens for aquatic and plant life and allowing roots to take hold to continue the cycle. While natural vegetation re-generates, EcoReefs can do the protect and nurture . . . INSTRUCTIONS TO COME SOON
So far we’ve only done a “How To” page on EcoReef Small Fish Breeding Caves. We’re working on instructions for a number of other EcoReef Formats such as Mangrove Protector EcoReefs ‘Corral’ Reefs for control of weed infestations Land Reefs and a number of others Please be patient, we’ll bring them to you asap.
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